Such processes as the production of hydrocarbon reservoirs and mining excavation are associated with<br>microseismicity. Changes of the in situ stress conditions can result in the sudden movements along pre-existing<br>faults or can generate new fractures which in turn induce the emission of seismic energy. Monitoring and<br>analyses of microseismic events can clarify the physics of geodynamical processes going on in rock mass. It is a<br>powerful tool to obtain information on the present stress conditions and to image dynamic processes like<br>subsidence and fluid flow. To reveal the active areas in rock mass different localization techniques are used.<br>This study is focused on the event waveform analysis and aimed to find the adequate waveform parameters<br>which reflect the fracturing evolution in rocks. I suggest a newly developed application of spectral method and<br>show the results of acoustic emission (AE) waveform analysis.


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