As a result of the complex analysis of the data of seismic and drilling, with attraction of the data<br>gravimetric and magnetic prospecting specification of a structure Jurassic-Neocomian adjournment Megion<br>Near-Ob area has been made. The system of the structural - tectonic steps consisting of blocks has been<br>allocated in the basement. The facies analysis of productive horizon JV1 it is made on the basis of data well<br>survey and kinematic parameters of reflecting horizons. The regional clay packs in Neocomian interval<br>which are borders sediment complexes therefore correlation of layers has been specified have been tracked.<br>In the Kolikyegansky sedimentary complex all planes, being borders miniclinoforms, are mapped. The<br>overlapped lenses in layers BV9 and BV8 are allocated on the character of a wave picture.


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