The multiwave seismics, i.e. a seismics with P and S (C) waves gives us a possibility (plus some information about density of rocks) to obtain the elastic Lame constants. Using of seismic sections and mentioned elastic parameters we can integrate the equations of equilibrium for rocks with boundary conditions like a continuity of displacements and forces vectors on each boundary. On the free surface of the Earth there are zero vectors of forces. The integration has as a result all six components of a stress tensor. The first invariant of this tensor is a pressure in solid, while a second one is the measure of unhydrostatic stress situation, which causes cracks and other phenomena of instability. The pressure in solid has a nontrivial behavior. In particularly, it may decrease by growing of the depth. These effects can produce some natural pumps, which may accumulate fluids. Such zones of small pressure appear even in horizontal layers without any structures. In this paper is given a calculated tectonic pressure, an intensity of tangent stresses, probabilistic streamlines of fluids in productive layers and probabilistic orientation of cracks on Arigolskoe oil deposit in West Siberia.


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