Characterized history of the formation, modern condition, problems and prospects of new<br>forming research direction of the applied geophysics. Presenting development of ideas and<br>methods of geotechnology and technogeology by facilities of the geophysics, it has got the<br>name an technoecogeophysics and unites the theorist-experimental and practical developments<br>in the field of remote operated influences (the stimulations) on geological medium (the layer)<br>and the other objects by physical fields to nature miscellaneous. The problem of the influence<br>are, unlike exploratory geophysics, not information, but transformation of some characteristics<br>and parameters of geological medium with utilitarian purpose: increasing of mining and mining<br>management, increasing of oil extraction, mastering of nontraditional sources of hydrocarbons<br>etc. Considered methods and objects of electric, electromagnetic, vibroseismoacoustic and<br>others influences, technologies of stimulation from wells, from surface and multifunction,<br>which are used in modern oil and gas engineering, as well as problems and prospects of their<br>development.


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