At the shelf exploration the seismic methods are very important at all of exploration stages: from<br>eliciting of big crust elements and local patterns till detailed analysis of reservoirs. It is linked to very high<br>cost of off-shore drilling and necessity of careful choice of dots of wells locations. Moreover, even some<br>process absolutisation of seismic method is scheduled and for many geologists and management people<br>recently the illusion was constructed that the seismic survey can almost everything, in particular in 3Dmodification.<br>And as if the models of the reservoirs obtained on seismic given, with allocation of filteringcapacity<br>properties in the media are rather exact and are close to true. In this connection it is necessary to<br>remind establishing principles, which one underlie a seismic method, and, outgoing from this, once again to<br>be fixed on a place of seismic method in the exploration process.


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