For prediction of earthquakes in classic variant, it is necessary a determination of time, place and<br>intensity (energy) of future event that now is likely more an art and not a technology. An overcome of this<br>difficulty is probable on a base of a new approach for prediction of seismicity on a certain territory. In this<br>variant it is required only a determination of only two parameters - time and intensity of expected event. The<br>indicated new approach is elaborated during 7 years as example of controllable territory of Caucasus Mineral<br>Waters on the Northern Caucasus.<br>The description of the usage of seismic equipment of “Delta-GEON” type, its arrangement and<br>organization of data acquisition is given. At processing by the special programs as a precursor the “image of<br>a strained state” is used, and its changes registers up to depths of 80 km, where there take place up to 90% of<br>earthquakes.


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