The methodology of joint computer interpretation gravity, magnetic and geological data for mapping<br>of crystal basement is presented. The methods of basement surface altimetry map creation with seismic, drilling,<br>gravity and magnetic data; calculation of effective density and magnetization of rocks with allowance<br>for their burial depths; allocation of stable clusters of effective parameters are described. Their internal structure<br>is decrypted on local frames of the created petrophysical models. Lateral and vertical relationships between<br>clusters are established on cross-sections of effective susceptibility. The correlation of created petrophysical<br>models with geological data allows to map of the basement rock-structural complexes with their<br>inner tectonic- and stratificational structure, facies of metamorphism, geodynamic conditions of formation<br>and relative age.<br>The maps of the basement rock-structural complexes with scales 1:200 000 - 1:2 500 000, for the<br>first time are demonstrated the crystal basement of Moscow basin structure adequately to modern performances<br>of a Pre-Cambrian geology in the naked regions.


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