In industrial geophysical surveys it is important to fulfill the interpretation of large data volumes<br>within short periods. To solve this problem in regions which have complicated structure it is<br>required to have a highly-developed interpretation system, allowing to choose the techniques<br>that are effective in specific conditions. The technology of magnetotelluric (MT) explorations,<br>which includes a wide range of procedures for data processing, analysis and interpretation, is<br>presented. The important features of this technology are the methods that depress geoelectric<br>noise and allow to construct the interpretational model, take into account the different<br>sensitivity of data components to structures being studied and the different robustness of these<br>components to near-surface distortions, provide various approaches to prior information input<br>and MT data inversion. As an example MT data interpretation in two types of mediums is<br>considered: mediums including thin resistive layers and mediums including isometric<br>conductive inhomogeneities.


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