We present the results of magnetotelluric (MT) soundings, applied to study the<br>geoelectric structure of the Karpinsky range, which contains conductive bodies in the<br>sedimentary cover and in the upper part of the basement. The standard interpretation of MT-data<br>using only impedance tensor allows to investigate the depths only until the top of the upper<br>conductive body (2–3 km). The results of 2D and 3D modeling shows that in our case the<br>interpretation only of both impedance and tipper tensors allows us to study the medium until<br>20–30 km depths. Using this approach, the isometric conductive body in the sediments and the<br>deep regional conductive anomaly were delineated beneath the Karpinsky range. The upper<br>conductive object corresponds to Mesozoic and Cenozoic clays, and the nature of the lower one<br>can be explained by the presence of electronic conductors (graphite, sulphides) or saline fluids.


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