The approach to seismic imaging via multicomponent multioffset data is proposed, justified and<br>tested. The approach is based on weighted summation of input data along travel-time curves for scattered<br>monotype (PP or SS) or converted (PS or SP) waves. This summation is implemented for some specific<br>groups of sources/geophones being moved along the profile. In order to image any current point polarization<br>of recorded wave field is taken into account and summation is performed for a range of wave propagation<br>velocities – PP, PS, SP, SS and so on. This provides both improvement of resolving ability and reduction of<br>noise/signal ratio, as all types of waves now are informative. The results of model experiments are presented<br>in order to estimate improvement of resolving ability with respect to the scalar focusing transform. The<br>image gained for real 2D 2C multi offset data for Yurubchen-Tohomskaja area is presented as well.


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