High-resolution seismic survey (HRS) is a new seismic technique, developed by the specialists of<br>JSC “Zappricaspyigeofizika”, which uses minimized dynamite charges on optimal depth beneath base of<br>weathering and special processing procedures. HRS allows studying and mapping specific features of oil<br>and gas traps, sophisticated with low-amplitude faults, structural and stratigraphic discordances and so on.<br>The seismic field works, produced in the limit of the well known oil and gas pools of Karpinsky<br>ridge exposed a new geological model of the territory, dramatically different from the existing one for the<br>last 35-40 years.<br>As a result new prospective blocks were discovered in the limit of Tengutinskoye, Oleynicovskoye,<br>Promyslovskoye oil and gas fields. Besides on the time sections of HRS one can see very distinctly ancient<br>buried paleo river of Volga at the depth of 300-400m in Neogene deposits. Wide usage of very carefully<br>developed technique of HRS gives a good possibility to improve the quality of geological information and<br>to discover a new oil and gas traps on the territory with high developed oil and gas industry infrastructure.


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