Модель седиментации карбонатных отложений по данным сейсморазведки 3Д и бурения (на примере Средне-Харьягинского рифа). Хромова И.Ю 1 . Баринова Е.М. 1 1 ПетроАльянс Сервисис Компани Лимитед 2 ОАО «Архангельскгеолдобыча». Depositional model of carbonate sediments from 3-D seismic and well data (case history of the Middle-Kharyaginsky reef). I.Yu.Khromova 1 E.M.Barinova 1 L.S.Sayapina 2 . 1 PetroAlliance Services Company Ltd. 2 JSC Arkhangelskgeoldobytcha Summary The paper presents results of integrated interpretation of 3-D seismic VSP and well log data on the producing interval in Mid-Upper Frasnian (Upper Devonian) sediments. It is shown how layer-by-layer subsurface correlation helped define ten coeval units with


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