The phenomena of seismic inelasticity of oil and gas fields has been experimentally discovered by us<br>in more than 30 productive wells drilled in different geological conditions. Seismic waves attenuation and<br>velocity dispersion were calculated from vertical seismic profiling data (VSP). After dozens experiments we<br>obtained that the presence of hydrocarbon (HC) fluid in pores results in sharp increasing of abnormal seismic<br>waves attenuation and velocity dispersion (velocity increases with frequency) at pay-zone depths. We did not<br>measure this effect on water-filled reservoirs. The comparison of the results obtained from surface seismic<br>data and VSP confirmed that this effect could be experimentally measured from 2D and 3D seismic data.<br>The modern modication of AVD (Attenuation and Velocity Dispersion) technique has been tested un<br>different regions of Russia, China, Vietnam, India, Colombia.


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