On the basis of the analysis of reasons of refusals of gas mains, the data inside a pipe lines of a<br>defectoscopy selected following probability depends of corrosion from a number of the factors:<br>the intense state of the pipe line in a place of a crash; locations of a joint weld; state of isolation;<br>degrees of security of a pipe line by servers cathode protection; oxidizing and restoring of<br>properties, density, damp of rocks; a mutual pipe arrangement of pipe line system; vibrations of<br>pipes; presence of telluric currents of industrial and diverse genesis in region of a gas line; life<br>expectancy of the pipe line and state of isolation; temperatures of gas or oil; size and<br>composition of steel tubes and some other factors.<br>The tasks are solved: determination of a gas line position in the schedule and slit, selection on a<br>trass of a gas line of sites with the disturbed isolation, definition of values of currents of cathode<br>protection proceeding on the pipe line and currents of leakage. Features of the designed<br>hardware - methodical complex - high efficiency, possibility of year-round operation under any<br>conditions of ground connections, low cost. It can precede usage of expensive methods of a<br>defectoscopy. The facilities - methodical complex has passed trace trials on mains of Russia.


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