In 1976 year during the 23-rd cruise RV “Academic Kourchatov” the deep seismic profiling was<br>carried out from the seaside of the Kolsky peninsula in the direction of the New Ground. Marine works were<br>made by method using bottom seismic stations and pneumatic radiators. Registered stations were situated<br>along the profile over 50 km medium, but explosions - over 5 km. The seismic cross section along this<br>profile was created as a result of interpretation due to a new computer programm“Godograf”, elaborated in<br>Moscow State University (Geological Faculty). This method is based on local approximation of real velocity<br>cross section by homogeneous functions of two coordinates.<br>The geological seaction is 80 km deep. Along the profile it’s possible to trace the subduction zone, where<br>suboceanic Svalbard plate (15 to 30 km thick) descends beneath East Barents Sea Basin (40 km thick) and<br>dives into the astenosphere.


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