The advent and wide-spread use of new generation parallel-computing systems – the clusters – has made it possible to deploy the expensive 3-D prestack depth migration (3-D PSDM) as an ordinary procedure of seismic processing sequence. This paper highlights development and implementation of proprietary 3-D PSDM to run on domestic clusters of various configurations. The said 3-D PSDM is based on the linearized inversion, formulated in terms of “Born + ray” approximation. Due regard for wave propagation phenomena under the assumptions made and acquisition geometry used allows the 3-D PSDM to be referred to as “true amplitude” migration, and PSDM results to be used to quantitatively predict the subsurface medium properties. An example shows PSDM-processed actual 3-D marine seismic data using proprietary software, and compares the data to a standard equivalent.


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