On the basis of seismic profiles of DSS (Geon Centre) the region subdivided into five seismic velocity zones in basal layer of the Earths crust. Khazar (3) zone is very specific with high velocity (Vp = 7,25 km/c, Vs = 4,25-4,30 km/s). Within this zone two circular endogenic structures of plutonic and volcano-plutonic genesis are sitated [7]. Their size is about 150-200 km. This zone contains 7 diffrent metallic deposits.<br>In contrast to the velocity zone 5 – fragment of Igarka – Cheremkhovo zone of Riphean rifting [4] – with low Vp and Vs, do not contain any metallogenic zones. Here are only imposed salt and coal deposities. Thus wee see the correlation between low seismic velocity and the composition of the mineral deposits. It is perhaps the result of very deep and energetic metasomatose process.<br>In the Abakan zone, where the velocities are intermediate main deposits are non-metallis.<br>We believe that endogenic high temperature metallic deposits are connected with high velocity zones in the basal layer. Non-metallic deposits (coal, salt, gypsum, limestone etc.) are not connected with these zone but are connected with low velocity zones.


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