At the present paper we consider some original results of experimental aeromagnetic survey<br>and some metrological aspects concerned with new exploration tools – three-channel quantum<br>magnetometer, using supersensible quantum (potassium) sensors. Each channel is designed for<br>module measurements of geomagnetic induction vector with sensitivity 2 pTl (pico-tesla). Its difference<br>is a measure of vertical module gradient, when sensors are separated vertically and mounted<br>near the aircraft (AN-2). Besides both channels may be used in ground measurements and, in particular,<br>as magnetic variometer.Data surveying are filtered for the noises to be rejected .We used<br>numerical recursive Butterworth filter (of 6-th order) . Presented vertical gradient” s map is cleared<br>of industrial noises. .Similar procedure is fulfilled in magnetic variation»s measurements for<br>evaluating of persisting magnetic disturbances.


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