The analysis of regional seismics on East Priob’e of Western Siberian plate is carried out using CDP refraction<br>method with the scale 1 : 200000.<br>As a result of carrying out the regional seismics, the huge practical seismogeological data, which is carefully systematized,<br>generalized and studied was accumulate. The analysis and generalization of the received data is made by JSC<br>"Khantimansiyskgeofizika", also State Unitary Enterprise HMAO NATs RN V.I.Shpilmana and a number of other industrial<br>and research organizations are engaged in it. Similar researches and developments have the great scientific, theoretical<br>and quite often applied value.<br>It is established, that the geological structure of East Priob’e is much more difficult, than it was represented according<br>to isolated block researches. It have changed the sights at special features and mechanisms of a geological structure<br>of Early Jurasic formations.<br>There are oil-and-gas content objects in Early Jurasic basis allocated.<br>Thre were revealed perspective types and deposits for searching oil in a paleozoic section.<br>Regional seismics by CDP refraction method, East Priob’e, the Western Siberian plate, the seismogeological<br>analysis, Early Jurasic basis, oil-and-gas content objects.


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