Control of the current oil saturation and flooding of the productive terrigenous reservoirs in Romashkino oil<br>field is provided by PNGRL tool including single sonde spectral modification (CO-logging) and two/three<br>sonde integral modifications. The report covers the results of geophysical well logging conducted by integral<br>and spectral modifications of PNGRL to determine the nature of productive intervals saturation. The integral<br>and spectral modifications of PNGRL proved to be efficient for the development control of the field with the<br>flooded productive reservoirs by the water of various mineralization. It is given the physical and<br>methodological basis of pulsed oxygen neutron activation logging method, conducted by 36 mm three-sonde<br>PNGRL borehole tool modification, along with the examples of the string annulus crossflow determination<br>in injection and producing wells.


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