In the productive section of the carbon Dnieper - Donetsk cavity received waterless industrial<br>tributaries of oil with debits from 10 tile 275 m3/24h and gas - from 100 th m3/24h till 2mln<br>m3/24h from untraditional lowohms sandy strata - collectors with specific electrical resistances<br>from 1 till 5 Ωm, which are adequate, often lower than resistances of the water-bearing strata,<br>which lie higher and deeper the industrial once. To find out the nature of their appearance and<br>the character of their spreading, complex petrophysical and geochemical research was<br>conducted, for the results of which in the carbon sections, marked out 4 types of lowohms<br>collectors. Correlative dependences between filtrational, capacitive and geophysical parameters<br>were built for each of them.


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