The task of an estimation of prognostic valuation at a stage of search of ore deposits stands for a long<br>time. The reasonable decision of a task is combination of methods of geophysics and geochemistry. In<br>particular - combination of electroprospecting methods, which precisely enough give volume of bodies, with<br>geochemical researches of primary auras of metals. Knowing volume of a body and concentration of metal<br>on its surface it is simple to calculate weight of metal and volume of ore in any interval of concentrations of<br>metal. The theoretical basis to such estimation is served by the geochemical law open N.I.Safronov and<br>complemented V.A.Komarov. In the report the way of sharing of results of probe electronic method of IP<br>(induced polarization) and geochemical researches of primary auras of metals is resulted. Proceeding only<br>from the diagrams of probe electronic method researches and boundary concentrations of metal, we can give<br>an exact enough estimation of volume and weight of ore on an investigated deposit.


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