Procedure to use audiomagnetotelluric sounding method (AMTS) for the search of promising<br>for oil and gas areas is developed as applied to geologic section of the Dnieper-Donets depression<br>(DDD) of the Eastern European platform (EUP). It has been approbated on the known gas-condensate<br>fields and showed quite reliable results.<br>Selection of the optimal oil and gas prediction methods is the subject being dealt with for a<br>long time and in many countries. Typical approach to the solution of this problem is development of<br>geologic-geophysical model of the “accumulation”-type anomalies based on processing and<br>interpretation of the field geophysical research data using methods of image recognition, correlation<br>analysis, computation of normalized derivative fields et al.<br>Among all available geophysical methods (seismic exploration, gravitational exploration,<br>magnetic exploration, geoelectric method of magnetotelluric sounding) the cheapest one is AMTS<br>method.


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