On a base of the new equipment made by OAO NPP VNIIGIS, a modified technology for controlling<br>of the oil/gas well casing technical condition was developed.<br>According to the logging data from a scanning EM-flaw detector, EMDC-C, and a small-size acoustical<br>television set, AVK-42, the through and non-through corrosion pits of 8 - 10 mm and more in size as well<br>as the portions of an area corrosion, the fissure-type defects are identified; the defect size and their positions<br>on the inner or the outer surface of a pipe string are evaluated. At the same time, the intervals of a pipe string<br>which have not any sufficient corrosion defects are detected.<br>The intervals of cumulative and drill perforation are identified undoubtedly, and an actual density of<br>the perforations is controlled.


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