Despite significant improvements in safety performance of oil and gas industry, major accidents are still continue to occur. Human factors are the root cause of many accidents. Achieving a positive health and safety culture in an organisation is fundamental to managing health and safety effectively. The attitudes and decisions of senior managers are critical in setting the priorities of the organisation, therefore hands-on leadership is key in all cultures. Senior managers’ role is not simply restricted to directing work and monitoring compliance with rules and regulations. They should act as leaders and facilitiators: they must encourage suggestions, motivate their staff and engage with the workforce to solve health and safety problems. They should make sure that health and safety is not viewed as a separate function, but as an integral part of productivity, competitiveness and profitability and that health and safety risks are recognised as part of business. Since senior managers influence the health and safety culture in the organisation, they must lead by example. Health and safety must be on the agenda at every board or management meeting. Health and safety performance is an important element of performance reviews, and managers are accountable for the health and safety performance of their departments. Long term goals for the control of major hazards and health and safety must be set as done for financial and production goals. Senior managers should meet the workforce regularly and discuss health and safety with them, and they should ensure that individuals who raise issues or make suggestions are provided with positive feedback on their contribution and are informed personally of the actions taken as a result of their input. Contracts should be awarded to companies which demonstrate a good health and safety performance. Senior managers should meet regularly with the managers of the contractors to review their health and safety performnce against clearly defined expectations. All incidents and near misses should be investigated fully to identify the underlying causes and follow up on the agreed actions, and senior managers must ensure that the investigation procedure consider all issues, including humann factors, and immediate as well as underlying management-related causes are identified without attributing blame and that corrective actions are taken to prevent the incident happening again. All the leadership issues mentioned here will be explained with working examples from Botas International Limited which is the BTC Pipeline Operator in Turkey and from other national&international sources.


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