In this study we use a recently proposed method to estimate the locations of multiple scatterers embedded in a halfspace. The method is based on active source seismic interferometry. Only one source at the surface is sufficient for the application of the method. Here, two scatterers separated sufficiently from each other and located at different depths and horizontal distances are considered. A synthetic shot record is obtained by modeling elastodynamic wave propagation and scattering. The scattered Rayleigh waves caused by the scatterers are used for location purposes. The scattered wavefields are extracted from the total wavefield by f-k (frequency-wavenumber) filtering. Different locations for virtual sources are chosen to obtain the interferometric images for these locations. The interferometric travel times of the scattered surface waves are used in inversion and the locations of the scatterers are estimated. Provided that the scatterers are sufficiently separated and the scattered wavefield is successfully extracted from the total wavefield, it is possible to estimate the location of the multiple scatterers.


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