An experimental study was carried out to investigate the role of various clay and non-clay minerals present in carbonate formations on steam distillation process. Dead oils samples (100 g) of two heavy oil reservoirs from Southeastern Turkey with 30 g water and 10 g crushed rock (limestone + mineral) were kept under steam pressure in a batch autoclave reactor for a period of 40 hours, and the results were compared as the changes in the density, viscosity and chemical composition (SARA). Three different minerals (bentonite, kaolinite, and zeolite) were added to the crushed limestone to observe their effects on the rheological and compositional changes during steam distillation process. The results of this experimental study showed that minerals have catalytic effect during steam distillation. Along with the increase in viscosity and density of remaining oil after steam distillation the chemical composition also changes. There is an increase in the asphaltene content while concentration of polar compounds decrease as the result of steam distillation.


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