The possibility of extracting IP information from AEM data never stopped being of interest to both the scientific community and industry. These synthetic studies on AEM data (SkyTEM and VTEM) for simple Cole Cole models over layered earth confirm that some of the Cole Cole parameters can, in favourable conditions, be recovered from AEM data. We used both few different mineral (layered) models and permafrost models. In many cases the Cole Cole parameters associated to such units give measurable IP effects on the AEM transients, and can subsequently be recovered satisfactorily through inversion of single or multi layers models. The synthetic study also provides useful insight into different ranges/combinations of resolvable parameters. The largest IP effects, and best inversion results, are obtained with moderate to high chargeabilities, higher S/N ratio of the AEM system, and longer ramp decay times. The Laterally and/or Spatially Constrained Inversion approaches improve the model parameters recovery.


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