Australia since 2002 when the first Hoistem survey was flown for Pilbara Manganese. A XTEM survey was commissioned by Montezuma Mining to test the effectiveness of the technique in a new manganese province near Kumarina, Western Australia. A series of test lines was flown over areas of known manganese ore deposits and revealed a successful correlation between the electromagnetic conductors and the known manganese zones. In addition the test lines revealed new zones of conductivity where surface traces of manganese had been found but not yet drilled. Based on the preliminary results of these test lines the complete Butcherbird exploration tenement was flown in December 2010. The survey successfully mapped the extent of the known manganese zones and assisted in the identification and mapping of several new targets which were subsequently drilled and found to bear manganese oxide. The shape of the EM anomaly maps the resource outlines and the strength of the EM signal correlates strongly with the grade of the resource.


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