teady-state pressure responses that may require hours of wait time. These imply prohibitive offshore costs and increase the risks of stuck and lost tools; the methods derive from decades-old formulas intended for high-mobility formations which equilibrate rapidly. New math models are introduced that, now assuming high levels of pressure diffusion, require just seconds to yield acceptable pore pressures, and vertical and horizontal permeabilities. These augment traditional methods, providing suites of pressure evaluation tools covering all permeabilities; moreover, they do not require hardware changes to existing tools aside from downhole firmware modifications. For dual-probe tools, we develop analogies to resistivity logging: pump pistons are oscillated sinusoidally, and pressure phase and amplitude changes monitored at observation probes are interpreted using Darcy’s law. Second, parallels to sonic logging are considered: pistons are allowed to impact formations suddenly, and signal arrival times measured at observation probes are converted to mobility. Third, for dual and single-probe systems, rapid “drawdown alone” and “drawdown-buildup” approaches that do not use exponential, transcendental or complicated error functions, but instead, efficient rational polynomial expansions, are described. Detailed examples and validations demonstrate the power and versatility behind the new methods for real-time and job planning applications. Fast calculations support increased downhole data usage, thus enhancing real-time capabilities; they free up resources needed to support other MWD/LWD functions. We also provide a photographic survey of newly developed wireline and “while drilling” formation testers that make use of the fast interpretation models and introduce the reader to new reservoir description capabilities.


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