Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) seismic survey has several technical advantages over conventional towed-streamer technique as it enables the acquisition of wide azimuth and high fold datasets having long offsets and less spatial discontinuities. However, its usage is still limited because of requirement of relatively large operational efforts which likely results in more survey cost and duration. Consequently, optimization of OBC seismic survey productivity is essential to narrow the business gap with towed-streamer acquisition and enhance widespread applicability of OBC techniques. Due to the decoupled aspect of the source and receiver lines, OBC survey can inherently form numerous survey designs. Our study is conducted with the aim to find efficient OBC seismic survey designs that still satisfy established geophysical objectives among infinite selections. We introduce survey designing criteria on the basis of sampling of OVTs (Offset Vector Tile) which allows us to achieve desired offset and azimuth distributions in final imaging. Productivity analysis is then performed based on current equipment availability enabling a variety of survey designs and geometries which were not feasible previously. We also adapt several geometry options including two dual source-vessel operations: (1) Distanced Separated Simultaneous Shooting (DS3); and (2) Dual Source-Vessel Flip-Flop Shooting (DSVFFS). Applicability of dual source-vessel operations to OBC survey has not been well described unlike marine towed-streamer and land cases. Thus, we analyse the impact of dual source-vessel operations on OBC survey efficiency. Additionally, we discuss technical challenges resulting from the relationship between OBC survey designs and the resultant interference noise wave fields not generally associated with other acquisition techniques.


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