Global general perception of leadership roles. Worldwide leadership roles are traditionally held by men. While the share of women in the workforce is increasing, it remains difficult for them to reach senior positions, which are mostly held by men. The Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-2016 seeks to increase the number of women in leadership roles by 30 per cent. Perceptions in the GCC that have traditionally limited career advancements for women. A number of cultural, organisational and personal challenges hamper women from reaching senior positions. Women are perceived to work responsibilities. In addition, traditional views on what constitutes appropriate spheres for women’s employment influence education choices for education and promote occupational discrimination. How to promote women to leadership positions. Research and evidence indicate that the appointment of women as top managers can positively improve the performance of a company. Global corporations, conscious of the value of gender balance at all levels, are more eager to hire and promote women. Developing professional women’s skills in decision-making and leadership help them realise their full potential. Examples of development opportunities include providing training, instituting career development initiatives and mentoring programs, and ensuring networking opportunities. Sustaining continuous growth for women in leadership roles. Today, some professional women in Qatar are already in challenging leadership roles. We need to ensure that we sustain these current positions while encouraging continuous growth. [Actual paper will review statistics and demographics for GCC, and in particular State of Qatar, and how they align with the Qatar National Vision 2030 for Qatarization].


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