Qatar Petroleum is implementing an accurate and auditable procedure for the Accounting & Reporting of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions within Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLC). The procedure is based upon proven European practices and international and industry proven guidelines and methodologies in determining emissions caused by CO2, CH4 & N2O as a result of process combustion, acid gas removal/generation and flaring. Participating companies are all Oil & Gas processing companies and Power and Water Generation companies in RLC with combustion installation having a fuel rated input exceeding 20 MW. Each participating company submits quarterly & annual GHG emissions reports supported with accounting & reporting plan and spreadsheet calculations for verification by an accredited third party verifier hired by Qatar Petroleum. As a result, a Positive Verification Opinion & Statement are issued by the same verifier for each participating company that had proved it’s compliance with the requirements of the applied QP GHG procedure and international guidelines. This paper describes the initiative that Qatar Petroleum deployed in the preparation for the GHG verification process and the implemented methodology in accounting & reporting of GHG emissions at RLC, the achieved progress in uncertainty of the reported GHG data in three consecutive years (2010 – 2012) and the lessons learned for future improvement. The role of Qatar Petroleum in initiating, monitoring & control of GHG emission verification at RLC is also addressed in this paper.


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