RasGas Company Limited (“RasGas”) employs a Facility Integrity Management System (FIMS) whose primary objective is to create a frame work system to maintain the physical and functional integrity of RasGas critical assets. Programme design starts with grouping equipment by programmes aligned with equipment classes such as structures, pipelines and machinery. Equipment is prioritised by determining its criticality to operations based on health, safety, environment (HSE) and business consequences. Risk-based plans, the so called equipment strategies, are developed to mitigate risks and maintain the desired level of integrity and reliability. These equipment strategy activities are then built into an overall Integrity Programme that includes objectives, roles and responsibilities and practices to ensure operational integrity through the operating life of the equipment. This paper will explain the various aspects and objectives of the system, in particular the benefits of having such a framework in place, managing risk-based inspections, early risk identification, the continuous improvement cycle through data analysis and risk screening non-performed preventive maintenance activities. The Facility Integrity Management System within RasGas would be described with the challenges faced and the lessons learnt during implementation. Challenges in the programme design, development and implementation will be highlighted as well as the strategies and decisions made to overcome these. Particular focus will be given to learnings in the development, implementation and sustainment of equipment strategies, early risk identification and system management.


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