Formation damage caused by asphaltenes precipitation in Cupiagua south field has a negative impact on the volatile oil production on the wells located in XL pad. Chemical Control of Asphaltenes precipitation has been tested in Cupiagua XL wells to extend the life of organic cleaning jobs. The history of the field shows the usage of diverse commercial asphaltenes inhibitors with organic nature and high aromatic content. Products based on nano technology were tested recently, in which nano-particles of nano-sized metal oxides and high solubility in formation brines are used to adsorb and to carry asphaltenes along the produced oil up to surface avoiding flocculation and precipitation in the reservoir and the near wellbore. In the experimental work, lab tests were run in core plugs taken from the target wells. Results showed ability of nano-fluid to restore the damage caused by asphaltenes; this improved the effective permeability to oil from 5.79 md up to 10.78 md. Lab results also showed as the nano-fluid could reduce the impact on induced precipitation of asphaltenes denoted by the value of effective permeability of 0.09 md oil under non-inhibition had shifted up to 2.54 md where previously 0.3 pore volumes of nano-fluid was squeezed. XL-4 and XL-5 wells were selected for assessing the effectiveness of the nano-fluids to inhibit the precipitation of asphaltenes. The first well cpxl-4 was designed with a volume of 220 barrels of nanofluid to reach 7.2 feet of penetration. The treatment has allowed gains in cumulative production of 118,000 barrels oil after 4 months of squeeze with the nano-fluid. For the second well cpxl-5 the volume of nano-fluid was reduced to 180 barrels and penetration radius was increased to 9.2 feet by using a larger volume of over flush.


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