The Company’s 5-Year Business Plan shows that well operating cost (OPEX) is increasing, especially for mature fields. It is anticipated that some mature fields will not be economic to operate if these cost continue to rise. The lift and well servicing costs are key components of the well OPEX budget. Given that 90% of the company’s well stock is completed with artificial lift system, new lift technologies with potential savings are needed. The operating companies have always been looking for alternative lift method to lift high volume wells at lower cost. The Geared Centrifugal Pump (GCP) is a new high volume artificial lift system that combines the rod string drive of a progressive cavity pump with a multi-stage centrifugal pump of an ESP, via a down-hole speed increasing transmission. It is anticipated that this new system will reduce costs associated with well intervention as failures related to the drive string can be executed by smaller well service units. In addition, electrical and drivehead mechanical failures can be rectified at surface at less cost. Moreover, the GCP pump is cost effective equipment as it eliminates the expensive motor, cable and surface controller. In this notion the GCP pump will address both the lift and servicing cost challenges when compared to other lift systems. PDO expects to complete all six pilot GCP installations in two of the north Oman fields before performance of the GCP system compared to the widely used ESPs in the same field. At the end of end-2nd qtr. 2013. The objectives of this pilot trial are to test the efficiency, reliability and operational the approx. one-year trial period, the technical and commercial values will be quantified and thus confirm the viability of deploying the lift system further. This paper will discuss trial objectives, deployment experience, real time monitoring, troubleshooting & optimization. The paper will also highlight the technology challenges; lessons learned and improvements including future deployment plans for PDO.


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