The scope of the pilot project was to test fiber optic sensor technology in deep High Temperature (HT-HP) reservoirs and evaluate the best available sensors in the market for real time monitoring of down-hole pressure and temperature (P-T) in such an adverse environment. The task team had selected the optical P-T sensors conveyed on fiber optic cable from a qualified vendor after a thorough evaluation, considering the harsh environment of these reservoirs. After selecting the vendor, the fiber optic system was custom designed and installed down-hole in a selected deep HT-HP well in the Raudhatain field of North Kuwait. The system was installed and commissioned in mid February 2011 and has been successfully working to date, providing real-time pressure and temperature data from the reservoir section. In this project the P-T signals captured by the optical down-hole sensors are transmitted through the fiber optic cable to the Reservoir Monitoring System (RMS) unit at the surface that is connected to the SCADA system. The SCADA system sends the data through Wi-Max to the Digital Data Gathering Centre in the Field Development Gas (FDG) office. The sensors are continuously providing reservoir data at a time interval as frequent as 60 data points per minute. The technology provided by the vendor for this pilot is found to be robust and reliable. The pressure and temperature sensors employed in this pilot have shown impressive resolution and dynamic response capabilities. Based on the results it is concluded that the pilot is successful and the system is recommended for future implementation in deep HT-HP wells of North Kuwait fields. The project involved manufacturing, shipping and procuring the material from the Far-East and the USA. It also involved modification of well head to accept fiber optic cable entry into the well bore and use of specially designed low solid content packer fluid. The pilot was considered successfully completed after monitoring for 180 days in the month of August -2011. In Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) this first fiber optic sensor technology pilot was conducted by Research and Technology (R&T) and Field Development Gas (FDG) with the coordination of Deep Drilling and other groups, in a deep HT-HP well with the primary objective to monitor two key reservoir parameters; temperature and pressure. The reservoirs in North Kuwait are complex soil bodies that have a high potential for condensate and gas. The continuous, real time understanding of these reservoirs is vital in order to optimize their exploitation; hence KOC adopted a strategy of deploying fiber optic monitoring systems.


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