Sand and proppant production pose a safety risk due to erosion, fill of wells and facilities, often resulting in significant deferred production. A number of wells in the Danish offshore sector are currently closed in or beaned back due to proppant production from sand propped fractured wells where proppant is back produced to surface facilities which were not designed with sand handling capability. A new sand consolidation treatment involving enzymatic calcium carbonate scale has been applied to individual zones downhole to remediate failed proppant fractures. The technology is an environmentally friendly alternative to commonly used resins and has the added benefit of being completely reversible. A detailed coiled tubing program was successfully executed in a harsh offshore environment with numerous challenges including identification of sanding zones, chemical contamination, logistics, and selective downhole placement. Laboratory testing was undertaken where unconsolidated proppant was treated with the consolidation chemicals. These results provided important input for defining the placement strategy and indicated that results could be replicated in the field. Successful results have been achieved from this industry first application of enzymatic calcium carbonate scale to consolidate sand propped fractures in a chalk reservoir. The field application supports the laboratory results, where sand free production of over 700 BOPD has been restored in a well previously closed due to proppant production with limited impact on well productivity. A post-job monitoring program has been designed to further evaluate this technology. The development of enzymatic calcium carbonate scale consolidation has led to a method for chemical consolidation of proppant fractures that is more environmentally friendly than alternative methods, is reversible and has limited impact on well productivity.


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