otation of structure, which contributed to the evolution of the Kra Al-Maru structure and the orthogonally oriented Riksah structure as indicated by our study. The structural analysis indicates that all major open fractures align NNE-SSW. The Riksah structure is a well defined four-way-closure anticline; however, the prospectivity is dictated by fracture potential of the reservoir. The evaluation of the fracture potential of the reservoir is best served by the azimuthally (AVOAz) processed 3D seismic data integrated with well observations. However, in the absence of AVOAz data, the study is supported by integration of well observations and key seismic attributes. The seismic attributes are, edge detection/enhanced seismic attributes, combined with prestack seismic inversion attributes like the Poisson’s ratio which is governed by established relationships at wells.


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