The paper will highlight key production and operational challenges with complexity in feeding natural gas to mega LNG trains. The unique feature of Qatar’s LNG project is the integrated energy value chain, starting from offshore gas reservoir and wells then all the way to liquefaction, transportation terminal and delivery to international customers. The natural gas starts its journey from giant North Field reservoir; is produced through huge mono-bore wells, flow continues via subsea wet gas pipelines to onshore where it is separated into condensate, water and feed to the world’s largest LNG trains. The major ventures Qatargas2 and Qatargas3&Qatargas4 operate gas wells, completed in Khuff reservoir, spread over several wellhead platforms, transport gas through multiple multiphase wet gas pipelines to four mega LNG trains at onshore. The planning strategy for start from right amount of gas extraction with right composition while achieving uniform draw down at reservoir level continues until controlling gas volume from each well complying with facility design limit, within operating boundaries from flow assurance point etc. Time delay from offshore to onshore through pipeline transfers, must be considered on volume and composition estimation of gas. Several activities on wells, wellheads, subsea pipelines add further complexity to the process. As gas is becoming the energy of choice for the world community, sharing knowledge and experience of producing and continuous gas delivering to maintain the critical supply chain will add value to the hydrocarbon industry. The paper is focused on the complexity of factors, challenges of planning and executing supply along with several other factors to this element of big energy supply chain. Multiple boundaries, affecting gas movement need to be respected, monitored and achieved. The responsibility lies in having complete knowledge of all factors, ability and experience to steer through the complex set up; fail proof procedures supported by world class execution style.


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