AVO and seismic inversion has been successfully applied during the exploration phase of the Late Messinian Abu Madi Formation in the central Nile Delta of Egypt. Several gas condensate discoveries were made using this technique as a Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI) and risk mitigation tool. Deterministic inversion was further employed to delineate the overall lateral extent of the field and gross reservoir character during the appraisal phase of one particular field. A comprehensive well data acquisition programme for several wells revealed a complex lateral and vertical reservoir stacking patterns with highly heterogeneous reservoir parameters. The reservoir sequence is attributed to lacustrine turbidities deposited in semi-isolated Late Messinian Basins. Informally, the Abu Madi Formation can be subdivided in to upper and lower members. Intraformational shale barriers and baffles are commonplace. The stacked reservoir sands cannot be visualised and differentiated by the existing deterministic inversion products but each sand package displays complex vertical and lateral pressure trends. This paper describes an AVA Geostatistical Inversion process integrated with rock physics modelling (using differential effective medium theorem) of the wells to generate high resolution multiple rock property models with the aim of capturing reservoir heterogeneity and the observed pressure trends. The probabilistic representations of lithology, water saturation, permeability and effective porosity captured the range of uncertainty remaining after appraisal drilling to provide equi-plausible models to further de-risk future development of the field. Flow simulation modelling is used to monitor and predict pressure depletion trends to optimise further infill drilling and effectively manage the reservoir.


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