This paper addresses how high resolution electromagnetic induction was used to study, assess and map the overall well casing integrity of offshore wells and to enable predictions of casing leakage based on the extent or severity of the casing corrosion log. The objective of the paper is to show how proactive detection and prevention of leaks before they occur have guaranteed continuous operation excellence, safety and environmental compliance. These studies were carried out to understand the nature of the corrosion observed. In addition, several other technologies were deployed to effectively detect leaks and further sketch out their location. The lessons learnt and experience acquired during the monitoring and evaluation of casing integrity will be shared. The new technology was used as a tool to establish a casing integrity baseline for an entire field and articulated the new strategic corrosion master surveillance plan. Using the new technology has resulted in a significant reduction in the frequency of routine conventional temperature surveys and therefore optimized resource utilization to foresee other essential jobs.


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