The exploration and appraisal focus in Western Siberia has shifted to more complex and challenging reservoirs. As a result, tools and techniques that may have worked in more benign environments need to be adapted to the more challenging realities. A case in point is the wireline formation tester. The many sizes and shapes that are available have delivered valuable information with respect to rock and fluid characteristics using two basic configurations: either a single probe device or an inflatable straddle packer device. Aside from other nuances, the choice of configuration is essentially a tradeoff between the easy-to-deploy small-area single probe and the difficult-to-deploy but very large-area straddle packer. Into this mix is introduced a new type of probe. This 3-d radial probe attempts to combine the larger flow area of the inflatable dual packer with the easy deployment of a single probe tool. Examples from Western Siberia where all three tools were used are presented to allow us to compare and contrast the performance of each.


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