A 3D basin modeling study was carried out to reconstruct the regional heat flow and source rock maturity in the Rub’al-Khali basin. Gravity gradient data from the GOCE satellite were used to model deep structures, such as the Moho interface. Tectonic heat flow was modeled using the GOCE-based Moho interface to reflect heat flow variations in the basin though time and space. The thermal maturity of Silurian and Jurassic source rocks in the Rub’al-Khali was calculated using the GOCE-constrained basal heat flow model. GOCE-based Moho depth map was calibrated to data from known seismic stations in the region. This map provided input to constrain the heat flow in eth basin. Modeled heat flow values are consistent with known values of heat flow in the region. The model indicates that the Silurian and Jurassic source rocks are generally in the hydrocar-bon generation window and the modeled maturity trends are in agreement with the observations in the area.


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