Shell’s Smart Fields programme has built elements of Intelligent Energy into the key field developments over the past ten years. Considerable value has been achieved, from new technologies, new ways of working and global implementation. In Shell, Collaborative Work Environments (CWEs) have been implemented on a large scale, mostly focusing on the production and field surveillance area and on the real time drilling monitoring. More recently, collaborative work environments have been set up to streamline field development planning. The environments have provided significant benefits to the assets, by enabling new ways of working, improved communication and faster decision making. Shell and Wipro have teamed up to establish a flexible, global, large scale implementation programme. Gradually, the programme has converged on standard solutions and designs for processes and technologies and on a lean implementation methodology. Strong focus has been placed on embedding the changes into the organisation. Enticing field teams to adopt and keep new ways of working has required some inventive methods and intensive coaching of staff at all levels.


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