Abu Dhabi is experiencing a clear increase in the demand profile for gas needed for pressure maintenance in oil reservoirs as well as for gas cycling in condensate reservoirs. On top of the requirements from the oil and gas fields, the Emirate is also witnessing a significant increase in the natural gas demand for power. Pressure on gas fields is usually maintained through water and hydrocarbon gas injection. Habshan is one of the first sites using an alternative through the injection of 600MMSCFD of Nitrogen into the Thamama F reservoir. Nitrogen injection improves gas recovery from the reservoir with only a very limited reduction on condensate recovery as opposed to the pure Hydrocarbon gas injection case. After two years of successful operations, the paper presents the benefits achieved, the execution performance as well as quality and HSE track record. By bringing these Nitrogen production, distribution and injection facilities into the country, the project is also supporting an intensive local knowledge development of cutting edge cryogenic technologies and its uses. For this plant built in Mirfa, a staff of about 50 people has been trained to the highest technical, operational and SHEQ standards available on the market. From an HSE perspective it is worth to mention that the project execution closed without any reportable LTI (Lost Time Injuries) notwithstanding the over 15 Million man-hours cumulated until start-up.


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