With the Oil and Gas drilling moving to deeper and deeper waters, offshore blow-out control and recovery methods imply bigger challenges. In this scenario of technology complexity and of ever increasing focus on safety and environmental issues, with the aim to minimize operative risks, a new dual ROV assisted well killing system for deepwater blow-out recovery was developed and patented. This system extends the range of actions to be used in case of a deepwater subsea blow-out during drilling operations. The system stands as a quick-response tool devoted to assist and enhance the probabilities of success of a vertical intervention from a Dynamic Positioning Rig on a deepwater well in blow-out, when the premises for such an intervention exist or could be created. The system is designed to use two ROVs to assist the re-entry of a killing string inside the flowing well to perform the vertical intervention. The system is also equipped with acoustic sensors for a full instrumental localization of the blow-out source in case of impaired visibility. When successful, this intervention minimizes hydrocarbons losses, environmental impact, operational costs and exposure to liability claims. The system and its sub-systems have been fully designed, developed and tested. System marinization has been addressed to, involving drilling rig operators and a third party certification body to review system interfaces, handling procedures and risk assessment for a safe use on board. This paper provides a description of the proposed intervention system, along with details on the achievements and lessons learnt in the development and testing phases.


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