The emergence of liquid-rich and gas shale reservoirs presents major strategic opportunities and challenges for the oil and gas industry. Accurate estimation of Stock Tank Oil and Gas Initially In Place (STOIIP & GIIP) is one of the priority tasks before defining the reserves. An accurate method is proposed to calculate hydrocarbon volumes using high-resolution geological models taking advantage of huge improvements made during last decade in the field of characterization and geological modeling of unconventional reservoirs. This exact method provides fluids in place in reservoir and surface conditions with an extended black-oil formulation including condensates. The physic including the equilibrium between gravity and eventually capillary forces and adsorbed gas is fully respected using, for each lithofacies, the most accurate available geological description with 3D porosity distributions, Langmuir isotherms (Langmuir, 1918), capillary pressure curves, and thermodynamic data. Adsorbed and liquid-rich gases are considered. This method calculating hydrocarbons in place is the natural endpoint of any workflow devoted to the geological modeling of newly discovered reservoirs, particularly suited to heterogeneous reservoirs. The knowledge generated by this calculation has significant impact on fracturation programs to increase the recovery rate and field development planning.


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