This paper will discuss how an advanced technique of abrasive perforating with high pressure coiled tubing (HPCT) was utilized to bypass damage that existed in the open hole section of the well-bore as a result of a recent descaling operation. The well discussed in this paper had extensive scale and therefore required coiled tubing (CT) intervention to clean the wellbore. Following the scale cleanout, a matrix bullhead acid job was performed to bring the well back to production. Some +nonacid soluble scale remained in the wellbore was pushed into the formation ahead of the matrix treatment. As a result, no incremental gains were achieved after the acid treatment. After analysis of the cleanout, stimulation data and results, it was determined that the cause of the now poor production was scale debris plugging the formation. As the scale was not 100% acid soluble, the team chose to use an abrasive perforating tool with HPCT to bypass the suspected damage. Fifteen stages of perforation were successfully conducted using HPCT Advanced Abrasive Perforating Technique in a single run in depleted carbonate reservoir. Following the HPCT abrasive perforating operation, good injectivity was reestablished and the well was successfully stimulated to bring the well back to optimal production.


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