C-37 SEISMIC CHARACTERISATION OF GEOTHERMAL RESERVOIRS - A CASE STUDY IN WESTERN TUSCANY ITALY 1 Alfredo Mazzotti (1) Enrico Zamboni (1) Eusebio Stucchi (1) Simonetta Ciuffi (2) (1) University of Milano Earth Sciences Dept.- Geophysics Via Cicognara 7 20129 Milano Italy. (2) Enel Green Power S.p.A – Via A. Pisano 120 56122 Pisa Italy. Summary. We illustrate the results of a seismic study in the Larderello area (western Tuscany) which is well known for the relevant geothermal resources there discovered. The objective of this study is to establish whether seismic evidences of geothermal reservoirs can be found on seismic data


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